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Multi Pressure Refrigeration System using Eco-Friendly Refrigerant R-407C

Research Area: Volume 2 Issue 2 Year: 2013
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Eco-Friendly Refrigerant, Heat Transfer Coefficient and Saturation Pressure
  • Renu Gupta
  • Rajeev Arya
Journal: IJMER Volume: 2
Number: (2) Pages: 23-27
Month: August
ISSN: 2277-8128
R-22 is mostly used refrigerant; it is used in all air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. Its efficiency, capacity and pressure has made it a popular choice for equipment designers. But due to its Ozone Depletion Potential, in the Montreal Protocol and its Copenhagen and Vienna amendments have put R-22 on a phase out schedule. In developed countries, production of R-22 will end no later than the year 2030.Zeotropic blend R-407C has been established as a drop-in alternative for R-22 in the industry due to their zero ODP and similarities in thermodynamic properties and performance. Even though, when a system is charged with a zeotropic mixture, it raises concerns about temperature glide at two-phase state, differential oil solubility and internal composition shift. The purpose of this study is to investigate behavior of R 407C refrigerant in multi pressure vapour compression refrigeration systems when it replaces R22 in an existing system.
Full text: IJMER222.pdf

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