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Design Analysis of Two Stroke I. C. Engine Powered by Compressed Air

Research Area: Volume 3 Issue 1 Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: I C Engine, Cam, Air Compressor and Mechanical Efficiency
  • Kasi Naga Santhosh Kumar. P
  • Jeevan Reddy. K
  • Manoj Kumar. R
  • Sravan Kumar Reddy. M
  • Ashok Reddy K
Journal: IJMER Volume: 3
Number: 1 Pages: 18-21
Month: May
ISSN: 2277-8128
The project titled “DESIGN ANALYSIS OF TWO STROKE I. C. ENGINE POWERED BY COMPRESSED AIR” is an attempt to highlight the various possibilities of acquiring an environmentally friendly and efficient power source. The use of high pressure, expanding gas, to power the engine piston is the fundamental process in the function of all engines with reciprocating pistons. In this project we have used highly pressurized air to provide that necessary force to cause reciprocation of the piston and thereby produce power. This air is introduced into the engine cylinder at the Top Dead Center position of the piston through a timing valve, thereby giving the air the maximum capacity to impart its force on the piston. The emission from this process is nil and 100% environmentally friendly. We have shown that with the smallest of changes in our existing engine design we can incorporate this technology in our present modes of transportation. The simple yet dramatic change brought by this system is according to us the most significant aspect of our project. We have shown a positive way of implementing this technology and as always with any system; this has tremendous potential for improvement and perfection

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