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Development and Performance Evaluation of Modified Solar Air Heater Integrated with Drying Chamber

Research Area: Volume 3 Issue 2 Year: 2014
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Solar air heater, heat gain, heat losses, efficiency
  • Vipin Shrivastava
  • Anil Kumar
  • Prashant Baredar
Journal: IJMER Volume: 3
Number: 2 Pages: 96-104
Month: July-Dec
ISSN: 2277-8128
The main aim of experiment is to evaluate the efficiency and heat losses of solar air heater at different mass flow rate of air. The data obtained from experimentation have been used to determine values of the constant ‘C’ and exponent ‘n’ by regression analysis. Mass flow rate is increases from 0.0086 to 0.0110 kg/sec, the average increased in thermal efficiency of the collector is 24% Where as it is increases from 0.0110 to 0.0187 kg/sec, thermal efficiency is increases by 32%. Solar air heater is designed, constructed and tested at MANIT Bhopal India in a stand facing towards southern direction at an inclination angle equal to local latitude. Solar air heater is operated at different mass flow rate of air in three consequent days by 12 V DC fan. All experiments are performed under clear sky condition in three consecutive days in the month of April. The experimental observations were also analyzed in terms of percentage uncertainty.
Full text: ijmer3231.pdf

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