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Review of some Recent Findings on Thermal Performance Improvement of Microchannel Heat Sink used in CPU

Research Area: Volume 5 Issue 1 Year: 2016
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: CFD, Microchannel heat sink, fins, fins types, parallel plate fins, square fins, mathematical modeling
  • Manish Belwanshi
  • N. D. Pal
Journal: IJMER Volume: 5
Number: 1 Pages: 15-19
ISSN: 2277-8128
The electronic industry requires increased forced-air cooling limits to cool high-end server CPUs adequately. Improving air-cooled heat sink thermal performance is one of the critical areas for increasing the overall air-cooling limit. One of the challenging aspects for improving heat sink performance is the effective utilization of relatively large air-cooled fin surface areas when heat is being transferred from a relatively small heat source (CPU) with high heat flux. While heat sinks are routinely used in most electronics applications, the rationale for selecting a particular design of heat sink or more specifically a particular fin cross sectional profile remains somewhat uncertain. Most often these types of selection procedures are based exclusively on performance evaluations consisting of formulations for extended surface heat transfer found in most fundamental heat transfer text books. Unfortunately, these formulations do not consider the role of pressure drop and other parameters in determining the local fin velocity or heat transfer coefficient and, therefore, the resulting heat transfer calculations rarely pertain to actual flow conditions. In this review article we will be considering various parameters such as geometrical design and arrangement of fins, operating conditions and core volume of heat sink, Pressure drop, thermal resistance and Layered heat sink, Sizing and flow rates, Entropy Generation Minimization & Surface dryness, thermal models and dimensionless numbers. We have found out that the use of these parameters can be useful in the performance improvement of Microchannel heat sink used in CPU.
Full text: IJMER-5105.pdf

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