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Performance Analysis of Potato Cold Storage Based on Frequency of Door Opening

Research Area: Volume 6 Issue 1 Year: 2017
Type of Publication: Article Keywords: Cold storage, Coefficient of performance, Relative Humidity, Power consumption, Refrigerant
  • Amit Soni
  • N. D. Pal2
Journal: IJMER Volume: 6
Number: 1 Pages: 1-11
Month: Jan-June
ISSN: 2277-8128
A well-established cold storage has been considered in present work which was used for storage of potatoes, so as to protect them from getting spoiled and to prolong their preservation period. The theoretical analysis has been conducted to evaluate coefficient of performance (COP), relative humidity and power consumption of the above mentioned cold storage. Further, the change in level of refrigerant i.e. NH3 on that cold storage with respect to the change in load has been noticed and reported. All the above analysis was repeated by changing the number of times, the door was opened. Also, the results were reported from no load to full load condition i.e. when the storage is empty to when the storage is half filled. On the basis of theoretical outcome and observe reading of the above mentioned process, it was found that COP and relative humidity decreases with increasing the number of door opening, whereas, power consumption increases with increasing the number of door opening. It has been seen that all the above mentioned trends decreases the overall efficiency of the cold storage. In that respect, corrective action has been suggested in the present work on the basis of theoretical analysis so that, the output of the complete system will enhance without incorporating much changes in the already installed unit
Full text: IJMER6101.pdf

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