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Year: 2017

  • Kasture, V. M., Arya, R. & Diwakar, N. (2017). Development of Optimized Accessible Muffler to Improve the efficiency of Diesel Engine for 82.5 kVA Generating Set. IJMER, 6(2), 12-17. [More] [Full text]
  • Soni, A. & Pal2, N. D. (2017). Performance Analysis of Potato Cold Storage Based on Frequency of Door Opening. IJMER, 6(1), 1-11. [More] [Full text]

Year: 2016

  • Sharma, M. K., Diwakar, N. & Vishwakarma, S. (2016). Static and Model Analysis of an Automotive Composite Propeller Shaft for Performance Optimization. IJMER, 5(1), 20-28. [More] [Full text]
  • Belwanshi, M. & Pal, N. D. (2016). Review of some Recent Findings on Thermal Performance Improvement of Microchannel Heat Sink used in CPU. IJMER, 5(1), 15-19. [More] [Full text]
  • Pacheco, E., Calixto, A., Barbosa, W. A. & Zannin, P. H. (2016). Evaluation of Sound Power through Sound Intensity Technique. IJMER, 5(1), 7-14. [More] [Full text]
  • Bharti, S. K., Vishwakarma, R. & Pal, N. D. (2016). Performance analysis of Boiler by Flash Steam Recovery: A Case Study. IJMER, 5(1), 1-6. [More] [Full text]

Year: 2015

  • Varkhedkar, N., Mehta, N. & Talankar, A. A. (2015). Demand Chain Management Implementation Challenges: An Interpretive Structural Modelling Approach. IJMER, 4(2), 31-47. [More] [Full text]
  • Badgaiyan, P. & Agrawal, S. (2015). CFD Base Performance Evaluation of Earth-Air Tube Heat Exchanger for Natural Air Conditioning: A Review. IJMER, 2(4), 25-30. [More] [Full text]
  • Singh, N. K. & Diwakar, N. (2015). A Review of CFD Analysis on Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Blade Airfoil. IJMER, 4(2), 20-24. [More] [Full text]
  • Saraswar, A. K., Arya, R. & Diwakar, N. (2015). A Review on: Techno-Commercial Feasibility Analysis of Drag Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Generator for Harnessing Wind Power. IJMER, 4(2), 16-19. [More] [Full text]
  • Bidwe, S. S. & Hamane, A. A. (2015). Effect of Different Molarities of Sodium Hydroxide Solution on the Strength of Geopolymer Concrete. IJMER, 4(1), 11-15. [More]
  • Pal, N. D. & Khare, A. (2015). Review of Recent Findings on Thermal Performance of Induced Draft Cooling Towers. IJMER, 4(1), 7-10. [More] [Full text]
  • Asthana, A. K. (2015). A Review Analysis and Modeling of Under Ground Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger for Cooling and Heating Potential. IJMER, 4(1), 1-6. [More] [Full text]

Year: 2014

  • Lokhande, I. K., Diwakar, N. & Gupta, A. (2014). Review on: The Characteristic Performance Parameter of Solar Photovoltaic Cell due to Variation of Temperature. IJMER, 3(2), 56-65. [More] [Full text]
  • Varkhedkar, N., Talankar, A. A. & Mehta, N. (2014). Demand Chain Management: A Case of System Dynamics Study. IJMER, 3(2), 105-122. [More] [Full text]
  • Shrivastava, V., Kumar, A. & Baredar, P. (2014). Development and Performance Evaluation of Modified Solar Air Heater Integrated with Drying Chamber. IJMER, 3(2), 96-104. [More] [Full text]
  • kumar Vishwakarma, V. & Diwakar, N. (2014). Techno-Commercial Feasibility Analysis of Crop Waste at Eastern M.P in India used for Briquetting. IJMER, 3(2), 90-95. [More] [Full text]
  • Jain, S., Diwakar, N. & Arya, R. (2014). Comparative Analysis of SMAW and MIG on Microstructure of a 409M Stainless Steel to find out HAZ. IJMER, 3(2), 83-89. [More] [Full text]
  • Mehta, N., Verma, P. & Seth, N. (2014). Selection of TQM Criterions using Delphi Technique for Engineering Education in India. IJMER, 3(2), 66-82. [More] [Full text]
  • Dukare, P. B., Diwakar, N. & Arya, R. (2014). The Eexperimental Analysis to Evaluate Heat Transfer Characteristics of Close Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe. IJMER, 3(2), 41-55. [More] [Full text]
  • kr. Maurya, B., kr. Bajpai, S. & kr. Singh, A. (2014). Comparison of Various Water Level Controllers’ Models for Boiler Drum. IJMER, 3(1), 29-35. [More] [Full text]
  • Boopathi, R., IniyanPrabbu, K. & Faries, A. K. (2014). Performance Enhancement of Air Pre Heater. IJMER, 3(1), 22-28. [More] [Full text]
  • P, K. N., K, J. R., R, M. K., M, S. K. & K, A. R. (2014). Design Analysis of Two Stroke I. C. Engine Powered by Compressed Air. IJMER, 3(1), 18-21. [More] [Full text]
  • Azad, A., Baranwal, D., Arya, R. & Diwakar, N. (2014). Optimization and Analysis of Torque Coefficient using CFD on Butterfly Valve. IJMER, 3(1), 36-40. [More] [Full text]
  • Dukare, P. B. & Diwakar, N. (2014). Review on: The Characteristics Parameters affecting on thermal performance of Close Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe. IJMER, 3(1), 12-17. [More] [Full text]
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